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Blog Hosting moved from WordPress to Hugo Static

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on September 24, 2017

Dear Readers,

This is the last blog I’m posting under I have decided to give Hugo Static Site generator a try for hosting my blog. This means that my WordPress readers will need to resubscribe on the new site.

If you wish to resubscribe, please follow the link to the new site below and use the “Subscribe” feature in the right column.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the new site.


PS: If you run into browser HTTPS issue, try clearing your browser history and then retrying.

Venkatt Guhesan

Visit New Site at:














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Mind Map: A Method To x100 Your Productivity | Robin Sharma

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on September 20, 2017

MindMapBased on this YouTube video:

By Robin Sharma on “A Method To x100 Your Productivity”.

Great video on how to improve your productivity by hundred fold. Mind map provided below for the busy folks.



Today’s inspirational quote:
Tamil: கற்றது கைமண் அளவு, கட்காதது உலகளவு.
English Pronounciation: Katrathu Kaiman Alavu Kallathathu Ulagalavu
English Translation: Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean.


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Create MP4 video file from Quicktime Mov file on a Mac OS X

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on September 18, 2017

macosx_blogarticle_100pxIf you do a screen recording on a Mac, you are most likely using the free Quicktime player that comes with Mac OS X. If you are lucky enough to own a Quicktime Pro then you can simply do an Export > Save-As MP4. For those of you that do not have a Quicktime Pro, then you can use this option.

brew install ffmpeg

# After installation, you can traverse into the directory where you have the .mov file and run the following

ffmpeg -i output-file-name.mp4

Not sure what Brew is? It’s the missing package package manager for Mac OS X.
Use the following link to learn more:


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Tech Companies Give Back Moment (repost) 

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on September 4, 2017


We now exist an interesting interstitial moment, one defined by big corporations producing much of the innovation and some of the world’s richest companies – Apple, Amazon, Uber, Facebook – trying to solve big hairy problems. These are the problems that startups would have once solved but because they are so expensive – I’m talking about commercial VR, self-driving trucks, gene editing, and the like – there are no startups capitalized to tackle them.

This means…

  1. The startup trend will slow down.
  2. Big companies will tackle big problems.

…the companies with the most promise for solving the big problems – AI, VR, self-driving vehicles – are avoiding the economical and societal issues associated with these inventions.

Ultimately the future of innovation is the future of human endeavor and to ensure innovation we must reduce inequality.

Read more at the link below:

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How to create jaw dropping Data Visualizations on the web with D3.js?

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 31, 2017


Story telling using great visualizations.

Thus article goes into the details of creating great visuals leveraging D3 JavaScript library. It introduces the user into concepts provided by the D3 library.

Some of the steps includes:

  1. Refreshing previous concepts of D3.js
  2. A glance at advanced concepts: Scales, Axes and Reading data from external sources
  3. Building basic charts and code reusability
    1. Line Chart
    2. Area Chart
    3. Chart as a modular structure
    4. Case Study
  4. Visualizing Game of Thrones Social Network  – Force Directed Graph in action!
  5. Case Studies – Some interesting charts built using D3.js
  6. Introduction to Dimple.js – D3 made easy!

Definitely a great read if you are trying to learn the D3.js library or if you’re trying to learn some basics on creating stunning visuals speaking volumes on numbers.

Check out the link at:

Interested in the D3 Library then see this link:

If you’re exclusively interested in Charts then a framework that leverages the D3 library will be of interest to you:




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Create versatile visualizations with D3 and Angular (repost) 

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 29, 2017


Create versatile visualizations with D3 and Angular

Learn how to combine the D3 data visualization tool and the Angular cross-platform application development platform to create interactive visualizations.

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Monitoring Linux performance with Grafana (repost) 

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 29, 2017


Monitoring Linux performance with Grafana

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IBM, Kroger, Walmart and others team up to improve food safety with blockchains – TechCrunch

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 22, 2017

blockchain_smlArticle on how companies including IBM, Kroger, Walmart are teaming up to improve food safety with Blockchains (article is from TechCruch)

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Three shadows during the eclipse. Science behind it. 

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 19, 2017


On their journey through space, the Earth and the Moon cast 3 different shadows causing different types of solar and lunar eclipses. Why are there 3 shadows?

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